Artist Statement

Within the many layers of paper that make up the collages by Sam Petherbridge, there is an exchange important to his process. His practise is deeply entrenched in a view of life as relational, and intimately questions how conversations happen between people. His work confronts the social realities that structure our interactions and usually takes place outside the technological space we now inhabit. For example during his past residency at Platform Southwark, London and Campos de Guitierrez, Colombia, Sam Petherbridge invited individuals into conversations, to build a new body of work. Influenced by these sharings, he would ask the participant to join in on further activities such as creative writing, performance or photography. All the material collected would be used as a palette, that begun the creation of collages made specifically for the individuals about there sharing. In all his work, the journey between artist and owner is always presented. Whether the work is a clear depiction of a narrative with supportive text or an abstract display of material, the final title, placing and owner is what gives you a clue to its social comings About.

‘With many people, including myself, registered to Instagram and other social media sites, I have been more conscious of the reasons why I continue my practise. Now as a ‘photographer’, you can project an idealised view of a topic, or produce a cherry picked identity, without the face-to-face interaction usually associated with our idea of communication. To counteract this, my practice as a collage artist, working within a social sphere, enables me to use art as a tool to connect with an individual or group. It re-examines the images that are being collected and composed, as part of a more honest, social and kinaesthetic experience.’

Art became a major inspiration for Sam Petherbridge when taking lessons with painter Tricia Gillman, where he was taught a variety of basic techniques like collage, drawing and painting. Since then he’s aimed to work within a number of areas in the arts, to gain the knowledge needed to be a well rounded artists. He has assisted artists such as Jeremy Deller, Royal Academician Printmaker Eileen Cooper and New Sensations Saatchi Prize Winner Jonny Briggs and helped manage participatory projects with Metal in Peterborough. He was also one of a few founders of Art Collectives Endmor and Art Matter, exhibiting around London, at spaces including Art le Cuna, Tower Bridge and the APT Gallery, aiming to give a platform for young artists like himself. A relational artist at heart, Sam has a lot of experience working with non-professional artists to examining their own realities of life. This approach has seen him thrive as a teacher at Chelsea Fine Art and resident artist in Colombia, London and Bristol where he received a 1st Class Degree in Fine Art. These experiences continue to cement his interest supporting the arts with others in addition to his on-going practise.





South Speak - APT Gallery, Deptford, London, SE8 4SG, England


Seeking Love & Meaning - Platform, Southwark, 1 Joan Street, London, SE1, England.


The Island Open Studios - The Island, Nelson Street, Bristol, BS1 2LE, England

Residency Open Studio - Fundación Campos de Gutiérrez, Calle 65 No. 48-87, Prado Centro, Medellín Antioquia, ColombiaJus Utendi Fruendi Abutenti, Exhibition

Session 1 - Universidad Cooperativa De Colombia Sede Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia


Final Degree Show - Spike Island Gallery, Bristol England

Spike Open - Spike Island Gallery, Bristol, England


Special Blend, Art Of Matter Collect - Art Lacuna Gallery, Clapham, London, England 

All Systems Go, Erasmus Final Exhibition - Fenixloods Rotterdam, Netherlands 


1st Year Mid term Exhibition - UWE Spike Island, Bristol, England 

Spike Open - Spike Island Gallery, Bristol, England

1st Year Final Show - UWE Spike Island, Bristol, England

The Façade - Benjamin Perry Boathouse, Bristol, England


‘Said I know’ Endmor Art Collective - The Old Police Station, Deptford, London, England 

Home Art Sale - Lee Green, London, England

‘Ladies Like Apple Pie’ Fundraiser - Old Police Station, Deptford, London, England

1st Group Show - UWE Spike Island, England


‘Limbo’ Endmor Art Collective - Tower Bridge Studios, Tower Bridge, London, England 

Artists Who Are Waiters Collective - House Gallery, Camberwell, London, England

For more information on workshops and classes please find a link at the top of the page or if you wish to know more about my practise feel free to email