2. Art For A Gay Boy

Ar't For A Gay Boy' was a performance that Samuel Petherbridge exhibited, at his Final Degree Show, exploring what it was like making art before labelled as a gay man.


During Sam’s childhood a space to make art was a place where his gender and sexuality were not scrutinised or questions, unlike his experiences at school during that time. Taught by Artist Tricia Gillman and mother Phillippa Nash, Sam had learnt that art was an opportunity for anyone to simply connect and play with material. In later years as he found the viewer connecting his sexuality and gender to his art, he became conscious of the male and female stereotypes casted to LGBTQ+ artists. For him this often meant that his art would often be seen as a performance of his sexuality  rather than it be seen in the way it was initiated.


In this performance Sam Petherbridge attempts to explore what it was like making art when he was a boy. He begins by taking his adolescence clothes off and putting on a one-cy shaped like a baby grow.  In the outfit, he begins to cut down planets made from paper pulp off a mobile structure that is hanging from the ceiling, similar to one that he had as a child. As the weight is lifted off the mobile the frame flips out of balance making each pole hit one another. Sitting on the floor he starts to peal each layer of pulp of the spheres until there is nothing left but a pile of paper and the frame of a mobile structure, swinging lightly in the air.