5. Residency at Campos de Gutierrez

With the number events happening currently across the world, it has become more difficult to place what is an opinion and what is the truth within the description of a place. Before coming to Medellin, I was given a very different opinion on the city to what I have experienced, some saying Medellin being a difficult place to be and unsafe to visit.

Fascinated by this space between the fictional and non-fictional description of a place, I’ve taken this time, to learn more about the city through two projects. 

In the first task (A Foreign and Local View) using a Facebook group I had asked people to send me photographs of what they thought was ‘the real’ Medellin.

I then used these photographs to collage together a description of the city exhibiting a collaboration of their local view and my foreign interests in the city.

In the second task I’d given disposable cameras to a variation of people living in city and myself. Over the period of a week I asked them as well to photograph what they thought was ‘the real’ Medellin. Without tampering with the images exhibited in rows from top to bottom are photographs taken by David Alexander Velez Giraldo, Juan David Vargas Posada, Luz Marina Echavarria Ruiz, Manuela and Norma Stella Carvajal, Santiago Izaza and myself. 

With the extra time at the end of the residency I made collages for three of the photographers. Influenced by the conversations I had with them, above are the collages that I had made. These were then given to them after our open studio.