6. Seeking Love & Meaning
In Seeking Love And Meaning, Slam The Poet & Oli Haylett take our hand and walk us through the crowd. We pass people just like ourselves, longing for affection in the flock.  Their words dance on the border of meaning and music, our moods run wild in their soundscape. Swept up in this sonic tide, we find space to think and feel in a new mode. All is shifting, always singing out of reach. With nothing fixed or pinned down, we open up to the possibility of a new relationship.

This is the sonic tangle which Sam Petherbridge translates into his many layered collages. His collaborations with Kat Cashman and Tanya Violet are vivid portraits of people inseparably tied. Pieces of paper are cut and stuck, sampled and woven as remixes of their former selves. They stand in new relation to each other, voices in conversation building itself together. None exists alone, each contributing to the context defining it. In performance and on paper, these works question who we are when no one else is around.