South Speak is an opportunity to step into new ways of publishing your poetry. We are looking for 5-10 poets with an interest in writing about South London. You will collaborate with artist Sam Petherbridge to produce work that maps this geography through fresh, cross-disciplinary art. 


Throughout the project, Sam will guide you through a process of discussions and creative prompts to make visual art from your poetry. A fine art practice will be applied to plumb new depths in your work, and bring to life the South London of your writing.


This writing can explore whichever part of the geography you choose. We want to map the hugely diverse narratives within South London, and are looking for poets who can give us these stories. Whether you are a lifelong resident, or someone just passing through, we want to hear from you about this corner of the world.


South Speak is open to all poets regardless of experience. All we ask for is an interest in the subject matter and a commitment to working as part of a collaborative, cross-arts practice. This process is a learning opportunity for all involved, and we are looking for poets who can make a unique contribution to the project, whilst benefitting from the artistic development.


What you will do as part of South Speak:

1. Produce a poem about South London. 

2. Work with Sam Petherbridge to publish this poem as a work of visual art.

3. Support the evaluation of the South Speak programme.


What we will do for you:

1. Arrange a session for you and the other poets to meet. 

2. Coach you through the process of making your poem into an artwork.

4. Produce an exhibition to present the final work, with opportunities to perform, run a workshop or talk.


Exhibition will run at The APT Gallery between the 20th - 26th August.


To apply, please send:

  • An example of your work as a poet, either as a document or link to online material

  • A paragraph about yourself and your connection to South London (max. 200 words)

  • A paragraph explaining your interest in a cross-art approach to poetry (max. 200 words)


Video and audio recordings are also excepted. 3 - 5 minutes for each point.

The deadline is midnight on the 9th June 2019.

A bit about Sam Petherbridge:

Sam’s practice is centred in conversation and collaboration between people. He is fascinated by the social realities that structure our interactions, and the role of art in revealing these. He enjoys working in a variety of mediums but has mostly worked in collage, bookbinding and photography. A relational artist at heart, Sam has a lot of experience working with non-artists to examining their own realities of life. This approach has seen him thrive as a teacher and resident artist in Colombia, London and Bristol. Most recently, Sam has sharpened this practice to examine the intersection of visual art and poetry through numerous collaborations with writers Slam The Poet. He is very excited to deepen this focus and meet new exciting poets through the South Speak programme.